Parents & Students

Garfield Elementary 2013-2014
Parental Involvement Policy


Statement of Purpose:

In a compassionate, learner –centered environment of high expectations, Garfield students will develop into life-long learners, equipped to achieve their goals in a global society.  Garfield Elementary will maximize its resources to enable each child to become a successful member of society learner.  Administrators, teachers, school staff, parents and community members will work together to establish effective partnerships; together everyone achieves more. School and home must work together to realize higher student achievement.  Garfield Elementary will achieve academic success by ensuring that all students are actively engaged and challenged through a rigorous and relevant curriculum that encourages creativity and critical thinking.  Garfield Elementary will make every effort to include parents in the development, evaluation and revision of the Title 1 Program and the Parental Involvement Policy. The school-parent compact will describe the responsibilities of key stakeholders and useful channels of communication. The goal of our parental involvement program is student success.


Developing the Policy and the Plan:


Garfield Elementary will hold an annual meeting within the first six weeks of each school year. At this meeting Title 1 program information will be shared, parental involvement plan will be distributed and reviewed, and opportunities for parental participation will be explained. Parent will be encouraged to share their thoughts and comments through our meeting, as well as, the parent survey. Parents will submit their names if they are interested in participating on our SBDM/parent advisory committee. Our SBDM will be formed of teachers, administrators, district personnel, parents and community/business members. Our SBDM will invite parents to attend open forums to share feedback on the parental involvement policy.  The SBDM committee acts as the advisory body regarding changes to our district and campus improvement plans which include the campus and district parental involvement components.


Types of Parental Involvement


Parent involvement activities will be included in the Campus Improvement Plan for academic accountability. Opportunities for involvement include:


  • Meet the Teacher
  • Open House
  • Faculty Follies
  • Talent Show
  • Fall Carnival/Health Fair
  • Grandparents’ Week
  • Family Literacy Night
  • Family Math Nights
  • Family Science Night
  • 3rd Grade Journey Night
  • Weekly Classroom Communication
  • School Website
  • School Calendar
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Community Referrals
  • Report Card Conferences
  • Garfield P.T.O.
  • Music Programs
  • Community Food Drive
  • Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feasts
  • Caroling and Cocoa Program
  • Christmas Angels
  • Track and Field Days
  • Kindergarten Graduation
  • 4th Grade Graduation
  • 4th Grade BBQ Celebration
  • Field Trips
  • Book Fairs
  • Pennies for Patients Campaign
  • Parent Survey
  • School Parent-Teacher-Student Compact


     School-Parent Compact


     As a Title 1 school, Garfield Elementary is required to develop and implement a parent-teacher-student compact. The compact will identify the responsibilities of the staff to provide high-level curriculum and instruction, and the expectations of the parents to  provide support in their children’s learning. The compact will address the best ways to maintain positive, timely communication between school and home. The compact will be discussed at open house and parent-teacher conferences at Garfield Elementary.




    Parents will be asked to give input concerning the effectiveness of the Parental Involvement  Program and offer comments and suggestions for improvement. Garfield will conduct ongoing assessments of parent involvement activities throughout the school year. These assessments would include:

  • Signed school compacts
  • Attendance at report card conferences
  • Attendance at parenting workshops
  • Increase in the number of parents involved in school activities
  • Parental Survey